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Improve speed for Shopify Export and Import with Private App

and access rights|4 - Confirm to create new Shopify Private App|5 - Copy the Private App API credentials

Using all the API Call Limit

Shopify API has a “speed limit” known as “API Call Limit“. In simplified terms – it limits how many calls can apps make to your store, and how fast. Matrixify, for its Enterprise Plan, is leveraging that call limit to its maximum, while staying inside the allowed limits.

In many cases, Shopify can increase that call limit for certain stores. If your Shopify store has an increased API call limit, Matrixify will be able to use that to achieve even higher speeds (even above the 10x as we mention in our Pricing, if your call limit allows that).

Note – Shopify usually increases the API Call Limit 300%, but regular Matrixify app already has it increased by 300%.
Please consult with your Shopify Plus Store support if they will be able to increase the Private App API Call limit by more than 300% otherwise it would not be faster than the regular app.

Improve Speed with Private App on Shopify Plus

Shopify can increase speed even further for Private Apps if you are using Shopify Plus – if you ask for that specifically.

The speed increase will depend on each case individually based on how much Shopify will be able to increase the API limit in your store.

Matrixify can leverage that too – it can connect to your store as a Private App and use that API limit to gain even higher speed.

This capability is also available only for Matrixify Enterprise Plan.

To use this speed improvement, do the following:

  1. Ask Shopify to increase your API Call Limit for Private Apps.
  2. Create a new Private App in your Shopify Admin (Shopify Admin -> Apps -> Manage Private Apps)
  3. Fill your credentials in the Matrixify app Settings.

Work with us to specifically find the best way to increase your import or export speed.

Steps to create a Shopify Private App

1. Press “Manage private apps” in Shopify Admin -> Apps

1 - Manage Private Apps in Shopify Apps page

2. “Create new private app”

2 - Shopify Private Apps page

3. Fill the form

  • Private app name: Matrixify
  • Emergency developer e-mail: [email protected]
  • Admin API: mark permissions to allow “Read and write” for all the items.
  • Storefront API: leave the checkbox off.
  • Review disabled Admin API permissions: mark here everything that you need to export of import. To be safe, you can mark all of it to allow read and write.

Press “Save“.3 - Fill in the Private App information, and access rights

4. Confirm to create new Private App

Press the button “I understand, create the app”.

Note that it is really important to keep your API credentials safe – share those only with Matrixify.

4 - Confirm to create new Shopify Private App

5. Copy your credentials

Copy the following field values:

  • API key
  • Password

Shopify Private App credentials

6. Fill credentials in Matrixify and run as a Private App

Then head into the Matrixify app -> Settings and in the “Private App” section enter your credentials.

Press the “Test and Save” button for the app to test your private app connection.

If no error or warning messages are displayed, then you can select “Run as Private App” checkbox and again press the save button.

Matrixify settings for Private App to increase Shopify import export speed

7. Enjoy!

Now all new import and export jobs will run through your Private App credentials.

For each job that works as a private app, you will also see “Private App” status in the job details.

Matrixify exporting Products from Shopify with improved speed as Private App

Good to know!

  • Failed. Response code = 403. Response message = Forbidden. [API] This action requires merchant approval for *********** scope.” If you get an error like this, it most likely means that you are trying to work with data which is not allowed in your Private App permissions. Please, go to the Private App you created, and mark that mentioned permission. Note that there are much more permissions to allow under the “Review disabled Admin API permissions” link.
  • All stores can save the private app credentials in the Matrixify settings, but import and export jobs will only run as a private app if you have an Enterprise Matrixify subscription plan.

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