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Correct exported item count

|Export counter|

While the export is running you can now see exactly how many items have been exported and how far the app is in the export process from all items.

This comes in handy when you are applying multiple filters to your export to see how many items exactly will be in your file.
Check our all available export filters in our “Export Filters” documentation page.

Now, let’s decode these numbers:

Total Count – This number will display the total count of the item you have in the store. For example, the job is exporting Products and this store has 547 Products.

Processed Count – Displays how far the app is between all items. Some filters might provide the ability for the app to disregard a lot of items in bulk, so you might see the processed count jump at the start.

Exported Count – Displays how many items are actually exported and will be in your exported file.

Note – past jobs before this update will show “Exported: 0” as for these jobs this value was not stored.


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