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Compliance & Security

Review and access Matrixify compliance and security reports.

SOC 2 Type 2


Continuous External Security Penetration Testing


  • Self-implemented, not audited because not qualifying by CCPA thresholds.
  • Implemented on: 2021-04-21


  • Self-implemented, not audited because not required as Data Processor.
  • Implemented on: 2021-04-21

Submit a Vulnerability

We highly value your responsible actions in identifying and reporting any potential vulnerabilities.
Please note, however, that we currently do not offer a bug bounty program.

To submit a vulnerability report, please send it to Matrixify Support.

Matrixify will not engage in legal action against individuals who submit vulnerability reports.
We agree not to pursue legal action against individuals who:

  • Engage in the testing of systems/research without harming Matrixify or its customers.
  • Test on products without affecting customers, or receive permission/consent from customers before engaging in vulnerability testing against their devices/software, etc.
  • Adhere to the laws of their location and the location of Matrixify. For example, violating laws that would only result in a claim by Matrixify (and not a criminal claim) may be acceptable as Matrixify is authorizing the activity (reverse engineering or circumventing protective measures) to improve its system.
  • Refrain from disclosing vulnerability details to the public before a mutually agreed-upon timeframe expires.