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Auto-generate Redirects if changing Handle in bulk

Redirects|Excelify import option to generate redirects when changing Handles

Sometimes you need to change the Handle of your Shopify Product, Collection, Blog Post or Page.

Be it for nicer URLs or for improving your SEO positions…

Previously, when you changed the Handle, you had to create the Redirect manually, so that any web traffic that goes to the previous URL, would now go to the new one.


Now, when you change your Handle, we will generate the Redirect for you automatically.

The redirects are generated by default for all imports which change the Handles for the following items:

  • Products
  • Smart Collections
  • Custom Collections
  • Pages
  • Blog Posts

The newly generated redirects will be visible in the Import Results file new sheet “Generated Redirects“.

Impact on speed

Generating handles will take some additional time, so it makes the import a bit slower.

If import speed is very critical for you, and you are sure you don’t need any Redirects generated, you can switch if off in the Options, before pressing the Import button.

That option is called “Generate Redirects if changing Handles“:

Generate Redirects if changing Handles in Import options