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Bulk Delete Pages from Shopify

|Pages Delete Command|Import Deletes Pages

So you need to bulk delete Pages from your Shopify store.

Here’s how you delete any Shopify Page with Matrixify app:

1. Export your existing Pages from Shopify to Excel

Just check the checkbox for the Pages and all your Shopify store Pages will be exported to Excel.

Export pages

2. Edit exported Excel file to mark pages you need to delete

Delete from that Excel file all the pages which you want to keep in your store – so that your file contains only Shopify Pages you want to delete.

Then set the values for “Command” column to “DELETE”.

Like this:

Pages Delete Command

3. Import prepared file to delete those Pages

Import Deletes Pages
That’s it – those Pages will be deleted from your Shopify store permanently.

Good to know

  • You can delete any other items from your Shopify store the same way.
  • Before deleting pages, you might want to do the full export of all Pages details to Excel file. You can keep that file for reference, or even restore deleted pages later to your Shopify store if you need to.