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Rearrange Product Variant Positions

Shopify Product Variants

To rearrange Shopify product variants:

  1. Export Products + Inventory / Variants (without images or Metafields)
  2. Find the column “Variant Position” and change the numbers as you like them to be. (no need to change the row order, just change the numbers)
  3. You could just import that same file back but it will update all the columns that you import. So, to make the import smaller and quicker, and to update just the positions and nothing else, you can select just the following columns:
    • ID
    • Handle
    • Variant ID
    • Variant Position
  4. Copy those columns to new empty Excel file.
  5. Set the name of the sheet “Products” (so that the app knows that those are the Products data there).
  6. Import that file. It will just update the variant positions of those variants.

You can, of course, import only the product rows that you really want to change. No need to import all the products back.

See the full tutorial in the video.