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Repeat import from your supplier data feed using Google Sheets

Repeat import from supplier data feed to Shopify

Here you will see an easy trick how you can import to Shopify from any of your supplier files or data feeds.

Set it up once, and then repeat it easily manually or even automatically at any time intervals.

Short summary:

  1. Set up the new Google Sheets document.
  2. Make two sheets there: “Data” and “Products”
  3. Import your original file from your supplier to the Data sheet.
  4. Make the formulas in the Products sheet to take the data from Data sheet.
  5. Import

Now, each time you get the new file from your supplier, you can just re-import it in the Data sheet and your Products sheet will update.

Also, if your supplier gives you the link to download your file, you can use the Google Sheets formula =IMPORTDATA(…) to import that file automatically from the supplier link.

If your mapping from your supplier file is straightforward, you can use the =QUERY(…) function to grab the data from Data sheet, just assign the names to the column using the LABEL clause in the QUERY function.

Good to know

  • You can achieve also the same effect with Excel file – use the =WEBSERVICE function (works only on Windows).
  • To do it semi-manually, you can just copy-paste the data from your supplier into your “Data” sheet – and the rest will work the same.