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Settings for Notifications


You can press the “Settings” button and configure when to receive e-mail notifications, and to which e-mails.

E-Mail Addresses

Store owner

The store owner’s email is as a separate checkbox as this email is set in the Shopify settings. Changing this email in Shopify will also change it in the Matrixify Notification settings.

Additional emails

If you wish to send notifications about jobs to other emails, you can list them in this section separated by a comma.


In the “Events” section you can edit on what events you wish to receive an email notification.

For example, you can select to only receive notifications about your scheduled import or export jobs by selecting checkboxes in the “Scheduled” column and un-selecting in the “Manual” column.

You can also specify what events to receive emails for:

  • Job Started
  • Job Queued
  • Job Cancelled
  • Job Failed
  • Job Finished

Default values

By default, the e-mail is sent to Shopify store owner on every event except when starting new manual import (as this is probably something you already know you are doing so you might not need an e-mail about that – but in case you still need it, you can switch it on).