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Shopify API Call Limit explained and how it impacts the Export and Import speed

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Understanding API Call Limit and how Matrixify app uses it

Shopify API has a “speed limit” known as “API Call Limit“. In simplified terms – it limits how many calls can apps make to your store, and how fast.

Matrixify, for its Enterprise Plan, is leveraging that call limit to its maximum by increasing the parallel threads the app uses to process data while staying inside the allowed limits.
With higher API Call Limits, app imports and exports with the Enterprise plan will run quicker as the job will run with more parallel threads.

What API Call Limit do it have?

Default API Call Limit is 40 for regular stores and 80 for Shopify Plus stores.

By default, Shopify Plus stores have 500% API Call Limit increase for Matrixify app and regular Shopify stores have 300% API Call Limit increase.

When you start an import or export job, you can see the API Call Limit and parallel thread count that this job is running with.
There you also see what is the current increase in the API Call Limit for the Matrixify app in your store.

job api call limit thread count

If you see that the app in your store is running at 100% then you might have a lower API Call Limit than possible so please let us know and we will together look into why that is the case.

Can you increase Shopify stores API Call Limit?

For Shopify Plus stores – Shopify might be able to increase that API Call Limit even further than 500%. The exact criteria and ability for this increase is not known and depend on Shopify Plus’s ruling.
Please consult with your Shopify Plus Store support or your Merchant Success Manager if they will be able to increase the API Call limit by more than 500% on your store for Matrixify App.

If your Shopify store has an increased API Call Limit even further than default, Matrixify will be able to use that to achieve even higher speeds by increasing the parallel thread count the jobs are running with.
App can run with maximum 250 parallel threads if store would happen to have such a large API Call Limit requiring so many threads.  Going above 250 parallel threads is going to lose the speed on context-switching and Shopify parallel network connection limits to one store.

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