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Added safety checks for Shopify data Import

Shopify import data safety checks

We at Matrixify deeply care that whenever you import your data, wherever we can – help to avoid any unwanted mistakes with your imports.

So we made some additional improvements which should help to further increase your safety and sanity when importing your data to Shopify.


When you export any items which span across several rows (e.g. Products with Variants, Customers with Addresses, Orders with Line Items, etc.) – we added the following new rows – “Row #” and “Top Row“.

  • Row #: will have row number from 1 till the end for each row. So that if you change the sorting in your exported file to easier update your data, you can sort it back by “Row #” and return it to the original sorting. Because, you know, all the item data should be together – and if you change the sorting, you need to sort it back.
  • Top Row: it will have value “TRUE” for each “top row” of the item. That can help you filter in Excel to get only the base rows, in case you need to get rid of repeated rows for each item. Some sheets already had this as Primary Row column earlier, but we have added it now to all the sheets now and renamed to Top Row so it’s more clear.


  • Check row values for critical columns: We check the most significant “base” columns like Title, Body HTML, Order Name, etc. for signs that you have rows in unwanted order. You know, we take the base column data (Title, Body HTML, Vendor, etc.) from only the first row of each item. For example, if you will have “Body HTML” the first row empty, but something is written in the second row – then this would mean your product description could end up being empty after your import – because we take the value from the top row only. Now – if we will see this, we will fail the import of this item with the message that it looks to us that the row sorting is not correct. You can have the same value repeating across all the rows – that’s ok. Or the other rows can be empty – that’s also OK. Most important is that the real value is in your top row.
  • Check if whole file sorting is wrong: We will look across your whole import file – if the same ID or Handle (or Order Name) repeats more than once later in the file (not adjacent to the same item), then we will give you a warning like the top image of this post – so you can fix it before pressing that “Import” button.

Good to know

We really hope those improvements will prevent any unwanted data spills or import accidents.

If you run into any additional issues where you would like us to add some safety checks – please, let us know through our Support.