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Better detect what data is imported from each sheet

Auto-detect import data sheets for Shopify

Now Matrixify can understand better what you are importing from each sheet.

Your sheet names can be lowercase.

Import from one sheet

If you have just one sheet or file, it will look for the name containing the clue of what data this is.

  • Sheet “customers_2018-12-08” will be assumed as Customers.
  • Sheet “custom_collections_123” will be assumed as Custom Collections.

Import from several sheets

If you will have several sheets then it will ignore any sheets which have some additional text.

  • Sheet “customers” will be assumed as Customers.
  • Sheet “Customers 123” will be ignored.

Other cases

The same logic works with CSV files and ZIP files containing several CSV files.

We will keep improving this so if you found that it didn’t detect the correct data from your sheet as you would expect, please, let us know.