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Don’t Zip the exported CSV files

Export from Shopify csv file not zipped


Earlier, when you exported something to CSV file formats, the Matrixify app always zipped those CSV files. That was done for two reasons:

  1. To be able to include several kinds of items in the same export (like Products and Customers), because Zip file contains many CSV files.
  2. To make the exported data smaller, so that you can download it quicker.


Now you have an option to NOT compress those CSV files into Zip file but export them as plan CSV/TXT files.

Whether you need to use the exported file link in the =IMPORTDATA formula in Google Sheets, or you need to send those files to remote FTP server – now you can choose an option to not zip them.

You can switch this off in the Options of the Export section.

Also, you can assign the custom file name for that exported file, there, in Options.

Just note that if you are exporting several kinds of items (like Products and Customers, and Orders), when exporting to CSV format which is not zipped, you will get only the first of those items exported – because you can have only one file.