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Excelify name changes to Matrixify

Name change

Funny story…

We got approached by a very friendly and reputable law-firm who monitors the “Excel” brand globally for Microsoft. Excelify name starts with the “Excel” prefix, which is, of course ?, a protected trademark and is not allowed to be used in business names or app titles in certain ways.

We agreed that we will change our name to such that it will not contain the “Excel” word anymore. A very good lesson-learned for all of us when creating a brand name!

Yeee, we too were confused of such a development, but hey – it turned out as a fun project together to become something better than yesterday!

As always – we exist here for you, our dear customers – Shopify Merchants, Shopify Experts, Freelancers and Agencies. This time you were here for us big time!

You have blown all our minds with your name suggestions. You all together have sent us 230 name suggestions, suggesting 187 unique names as the alternative for Excelify. Wow!

Excelify is now Matrixify!

Out of all the crazy and really amazing ideas we all generated together, the Matrixify comes very strongly with being a truly better name. It represents what we do in much more precise way than the previous name. It gives this feeling of “why didn’t we think of naming our app Matrixify in the first place?“. ?

The meaning of Matrixify is, how I perceive it:
Matrix is the data grid with rows and columns. To import and export data that is being converted back and forth in Shopify with such matrices is – to Matrixify it all.

But above all – your comments… when reading what you have to say about this name change – I had tears in my eyes (the happy crying kind). In our team, we were hoping you would understand and at least not be disappointed at us for changing the name. But you are so much more than we could imagine. You are all a really strong shoulder – thank you million times to each of you for what you had to say. I have read and re-read your words, and I realized – this app is yours as much as it is ours.

We are Matrixify.

As for the transition – the new domain will be Yes, .app, because that’s what we are!
The app in your store will stay the same – you don’t have to do anything. It’s just name that changes.

We will commence with our rebranding through the nearest months… you’ll see. ❤️

Maris Veide
Founder & CEO
Matrixify (formerly Excelify)