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New Matrixify User Interface

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While we kept updating Matrixify “functionality under the hood”, the UI wasn’t changing too much – until now!
We rewrote it completely to match the Shopify Admin look & feel – according to the Shopify Polaris user interface design guidelines.

Overall and functionality changes

  • The new app UI is based on Shopify Polaris to give the same Shopify admin feel and look.
  • The app now should be more responsive with less waiting times on loading menus and information.
  • Ability to queue jobs. Even if an import or export job is currently running you can already upload the next file or set up a new export and queue it to start automatically when the current one finishes.

Home screen


In the top of the app, you can find the quick call button to the most relevant pages in the app –

  • Settings – configure your Matrixify email notifications and your linked stores in the Matrixify Settings;
  • All Jobs – List of all your future and past jobs;
  • See Plans – Cancel your current plan or subscribe to one by going in our Plans page;
  • Contact Support – Have any questions or issues with the app? Contact us by clicking the Contact Support button and let us help you solve them!

Matrixify Home - upper menu

New import or export

Import and Export are now as separate pages in the app.

Export – Upon clicking the “New Export” button the app will open a “New Export” page where you will be able to set up your export job.
Import – Once you have selected a file to import by clicking “Add File“, drag and drop the file in Import section or uploading from the URL, the app will upload the file and open a “New Import” page.

Home - Import Export action calls

Last 5 jobs

On the Home page, you will see displayed last 5 jobs including queued and currently running jobs.
Each job has it’s most relevant information displayed for it.

The app will display a separate section with how many scheduled jobs you have. Clicking this window will open the “All Jobs” view.

Clicking on any of the jobs will open this job on a new page where you will be able to see more detailed information about it, all options the job had applied and other relevant information.

Home - last job info

Help section

In the Help section, you can find quick links to pages that will teach you all about the app.

Home - help

What’s up?

We like to tell you what we are working on and what are the latest features for the app. You can find them listed in the last section of the Home page – “What’s Up?
Here you can also click on “Request a feature” button where you will be able to fill a form to request a feature you would love to see in the app!

Home - whats up

New Export

When you have selected to start a new export, this page in the app will come up.

In the “New Export” page you can select checkboxes of what items and field groups you wish to export.
Here you also can set up any of the available Options for exports such as scheduling, repeated jobs, custom file name, and other.

new Export

New Import

Once you have selected a file to upload and analyze the app will open the “New Import” page.
Same as for the “New Export” page, this is where you can see all information about the import job and select any of the available options for the import.

New Import

All Jobs

In the “All Jobs” page you can see a list of your future and past jobs.

For quick access here you can also cancel any future jobs, download exported job files or import job Import Results file.
Here is also basic information displayed about the job, such as job status, job item count, etc.

Clicking on any of the jobs will open this job on a new page where you will be able to see more detailed information about it, all options the job had applied and other relevant information.

All Jobs page

See Plans

In this page of the app, you can see everything relevant to your current plan or other Matrixify subscription plans, such as:

  • Cancel your current plan by switching to the Demo plan
  • See limitations for each of subscription plans
  • Switch to another subscription plan or activate one

See Plans