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Tags can be merged, deleted or replaced

Shopify Add Tags

When you import the data, you can specify the “Tags Command” column for Products and for Customers.

By that you can tell the app, what to do with Tags you are importing:

  • MERGE: will add Tags to existing tags. It means that you don’t need to list all the tags in the import file, you can import those which you want to add. If some of the tags you are importing already exist, then the app will ignore it.
  • DELETE: will delete the Tags that are listed in the import file. If the listed tag will not exist, then the app will ignore it.
  • REPLACE: will replace all existing tags with the tags from the import file. Use this method to maximize the import speed, because if you will use MERGE, it means that the app will need first to load existing tags which takes additional time.

If Tags Command is not set, the app will assume the REPLACE command by default.

Read our tutorial on how to bulk manage your Shopify tags.