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Download all files from Shopify Files to your computer


Use the Matrixify app to easily download all files from Shopify Files (Shopify Admin -> Content -> Files) section to your computer.
Shopify does not offer this option natively so let’s look into how you can now do this with the Matrixify app.

Steps in short to download Shopify Files

  1. Export Shopify Files using the Matrixify app.
  2. In a new column, add a formula ="curl "&[Link]&" -o "&[File Name].
  3. Create an executable file with terminal commands and run that file.

1. Exporting Shopify Files data

First, we need to get all the existing Shopify File links and their file names.

Create a new export in the Matrixify App.
Select the “Matrixify: Excel” export format, and select to export “Files“.

Open the “Advanced” tab in the “Files” section and using the “Add | Remove” button select to only export the columns File Name and Link.

You do not need to select any other checkboxes or change any of the export options. The default ones will work just fine here.
Your Shopify Files export should look like this:

1 - Export Shopify Files Excel CSV Matrixify app

Once the export is set up, click on the “Export” button at the bottom or top of the export page to start your export.

You can read our “How it works” page if you wish to learn more about setting up your Shopify exports with Matrixify.

2. Construct curl command from Shopify File links

Once the export is finished you can download the file.
As only two columns were selected to export, that is what you should also see in the exported file.

Now in the third column in your file, add this formula in the second row:

  • on Windows ="curl "&B2&" -o "&A2
  • on MacOS ="curl '"&B2&"' -o "&A2

2 - Export Shopify Files Excel CSV Matrixify app - cosntruct curl command to download Shopify Files

Drag/copy that formula for all other rows in your file.
So now your file should look like this:

3 - Export Shopify Files Excel CSV Matrixify app - cosntruct curl command to download Shopify Files

3. Create file with terminal commands and run it

In your computer open folder where you would like to download images.

On Windows

In this folder create a new text file and in it copy the curl command lines:

2. Windows command terminal text document with file download commands Shopify Matrixify bulk download export

Go File -> Save As and save the file as Images.bat. The file name is not important, but make sure that it ends with .bat extension.

Then double-click on the file to run it. It should automatically open the terminal and start downloading files into that folder.

4. Run bat file with file download commands Shopify Matrixify bulk download export

On MacOS

Create new file in the folder you wish to download your images. Here is page showing simple way of creating such sh file.
In the file make sure that first row is #!/usr/bin/env bash

Then paste all the created curl command lines from the Excel file, so the file contents would look like this:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

curl '' -o a3.png
curl '' -o a4.png
curl '' -o a9.png
curl '' -o a10.png
curl '' -o a11.png
curl '' -o a12.png
curl '' -o a13.png
curl '' -o a14.png

Save the file.

Open terminal/command prompt in your computer – click the Launchpad icon, type Terminal in the search field, then click Terminal.

Once you have the Terminal/Command Prompt open, it will be in the home directory on your computer.
Using cd command, navigate to the folder where you saved the file.

Then in the terminal run command – chmod +x

And after that run command to run your file and download images from it – ./

download shopify files images mac terminal bulk Matrixify app

Congratulations! You have downloaded all Shopify Files from your store into your computer.

8 - Download all Files from Shopify Files with Matrixify Excel CSV

Good to know!