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How to create a Shopify data export with custom columns

Choose Shopify fields to export and change their positions

Now with the Matrixify app, you can customize your export to specify what columns to export and in what order!

Let’s go through how you can do that!

1. Creating new Shopify data export

Go into the Matrixify app and in the Home page Export section press the “New Export” button.

The app will open a new page where you can set up and configure your export.

1 - create new export excelify shopify excel csv

2. Select the data export format

First section of the new export is selecting your export format.
Click on the dropdown menu to select your preferred format.

Adjustable columns are available in both Matrixify formats:

  • Matrixify: Excel – exports to Excel XLSX file
  • Matrixify: CSV – exports to CSV file

Select one of these formats.

2 - select export format excelify excel csv shopify data customize

3. Choose what to Shopify data to export

In the next section, you can select checkboxes of what to export, for example, I will select to export the Shopify Products.

You can also select and the same way adjust other exportable entities, such as Orders, Collections, etc.

3 - Shopify export products custom file excelify csv excel

4. Customize Shopify columns to export

Now is time to select exactly what data to export from Shopify and customize it.

You can see two tabs available under the entity selection “Simple” and “Advanced“.

Both tabs work together, so if you select a group of fields in the Simple tab, then those fields will be visible in the Advanced tab, and the same the other way around.

4 - Shopify export products custom file excelify csv excel

“Simple” tab

The “Simple” tab allows you to select groups of fields you might wish to export.

You can find what fields are under each group in Matrixify template sheets documentation.

Selecting a group will display how many columns are under this group.

5 - select shopify products export fields excelify excel csv

“Advanced” tab

The advanced tab allows you to select, remove individual columns, or change their positions.

If you have any groups already selected in the Simple tab than you will see all those fields in this tab.

6 - customize exported fields order sleect fields Shopify data export products excelify excel csv

You can also see all available fields, including from different groups, by pressing on the “Add | Remove” button which will open drop-down of all fields.

7 - customize exported fields order sleect fields Shopify data export products excelify excel csv

You can add or remove fields by checking or unchecking them in this dropdown, or you can click on the field tags “X” button to remove it.

To change exported field order you can drag the columns by the 6-dot symbol of each field.

999 - selecting individual fields change positions drag and drop

5. Start the export

Once you have selected columns you wish to export, you can click on the “Export” button to start the Export.

While export is going you will see the progress of how many items are exported and estimated time remaining to finish.
At this stage, you are free to close your browser as everything is happening on our servers.

8 - see Shopidy data export progress excelify excel csv

6. Download and enjoy your export

One the export is finished, click on the “Download exported file” to download your custom file.

9 - chek custom exported file Shopify data Matrixify excel csv

What to do next?