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Force to identify Shopify Products by Variants

Force identify product by sku featured|Force identify product by sku

With Matrixify app, you can force to identify Products by Shopify Variant ID, Variant SKU or Variant Barcode even if your file contains Handle and Title columns.

This feature can be handy if you have a supplier file from which you are synchronizing your Products but Handle and Title can change in this file, by forcing identification from Variant the app will always look for products in your store by the specific Variant field.

How does Matrixify do it?

You can use Variant ID, Variant SKU or Variant Barcode for a forced identification.

Simply add [ID] to the end of the column header to tell the app that you wish to identify your Products by that Variant field.

For example, Variant SKU [ID].
The app will search for such Shopify Variant SKU in your store and update all fields for it you may have in the file.
If the Product will not be found the app will attempt to create a new one.

Force identify product by sku

Similarly, you could also update your SKUs by forcing the identification by Variant Barcode.
Use Variant Barcode [ID] column in your file and the app will find all product variants with this barcode in the store.

Identify Shopify Products by Variant barcode and update Variant SKU with Matrixify CSV Excel XLSX

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