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How to bulk include or exclude Products from Shopify Markets

featured image - bulk update Shopify Product Standard type with Matrixify Excel XLSX CSV

In this tutorial, we’re going to guide you through the process of bulk-including or excluding Products from Shopify Markets and countries.

This is a handy technique if you’re operating across multiple markets and need to manage which products are available in each.
We’ll be using the Matrixify app to make this happen, so let’s get started!

Note that the Shopify Markets already need to exist in the store.
If you do not already have those Markets, then first create them in your stores Admin -> Settings -> Markets section.

Steps in short

  1. Export Products with ID, Handle and  Include / ... columns.
  2. In the exported file, change TRUE/FALSE value in Include / ... columns for each Market.
  3. Save and import your file to bulk include or exclude products from specific Shopify Markets.

1. Export your Shopify Products

To start the process of bulk including or excluding products from Shopify Markets, you first need to export your Shopify Products.

Navigate to the Matrixify app Home page and locate the Export section. Click on “New Export” to open the New Export page.

In the “Format” section, it’s recommended to select the “Matrixify: Excel” format. Then Matrixify app will export an Excel XLSX file which is more user-friendly than standard CSV files.
Alternatively, you can choose the “Matrixify: CSV” format if your data amounts are close to or exceed Excel limits.

In the “Select Sheets” dropdown, choose “Products” and click to open it.
You’ll need to select specific columns:

  • from the “Basic Columns” group, select ID and Handle
  • and from the “Pricing by Markets” group, select column Included / ...

You can also select any other Product template columns if you need them for this bulk update.
If you don’t need to export all Products, you can apply filters to export only the Products you need.

1 - export Shopify Product market availability include export Excel CSV XLSX bulk Matrixify

Once you’ve selected the necessary options, click the “Export” button. The app will then generate a file containing your Shopify Products along with selected columns and Market availability.

2. Update exported file for Product availability in Shopify Markets

Once the export has finished, download and open the exported file.
You’ll see your exported Products along with columns indicating if the Product has been included in each Market.

2 - exported Shopify Product market availability include export Excel CSV XLSX bulk Matrixify

To set if a Shopify Product is or is not included in a specific Shopify Market, you would need to change the value in the Included / <Market> column to TRUE for included in the Market and FALSE to not be included in the Market.

Lastly, ensure that the sheet/tab name in the file remains as “Products” as it was exported. This will ensure that the app detects the sheet correctly when importing.

If you had exported also Product Variant columns then the exported file could have multiple rows for specific Products.
In that case, same as in the exported file, the Included column only needs to be set in the first row for each Product. You can fill all rows, but when importing, app will only read the first row.

In my example, I have created two new Markets so now wish to bulk include Shopify Products in my new Shopify Markets, so I will set value TRUE in in columns for those Markets.

3 - bulk update Shopify Product market availability include export Excel CSV XLSX bulk Matrixify

3. Save and import file to bulk include or exclude products from Shopify Markets

Once you’ve finished editing your file, it’s time to import it back into Shopify using the Matrixify app.
Head back to the Matrixify app in your store and navigate to the Home page Import section.

Here, you can upload your file. The app will then analyze your file, so please wait for this process to complete.
It’s important to double-check that the product count and other job details look correct before proceeding.
You don’t need to select or change any import options for this process.

Once everything looks good, go ahead and start the import.

As the import progresses, you’ll be able to see updates on how many products are being updated and included or excluded from Shopify Markets.

4 - bulk import update Shopify Product market availability include export Excel CSV XLSX bulk Matrixify

Once the import has finished, you can go into your Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Markets section and see the updated data for Products that have been included or excluded in Shopify Markets.

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