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Bulk hide sold out Products from your Shopify store

hide sold-out shopify products

Instead of manually hiding each out-of-stock and sold-out product, you can use Matrixify to bulk hide them efficiently. This tutorial will guide you through the steps to identify and hide sold-out products from your Shopify store, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Steps in short:

  1. Export Products columns “ID”, “Handle”, “Status”, and “Total Inventory Qty” using a filter “Status: Active”.
  2. Edit the exported spreadsheet file:
  3. Save the file and import it with the Matrixify app to bulk update your Shopify product status.

1. Export active Shopify Products

As the first step, you would need to create a spreadsheet file with your product data.
The Matrixify app can help you with this task by creating a Products sheet export with columns needed to bulk hide sold-out Products.

In the Matrixify app Home page locate the Export section and press the “New Export” button to open the New Export page.

Select to export Products with specific columns

In the New Export page, click on the “Select Sheets” dropdown, and select only the Products sheet.
For the Products sheet open the Basic Columns column group where you can select to export the following columns:

1. Create new Shopify Products export Excel XLSX CSV - Matrixify app

Apply the Status filter for your Products export

Locate the “Filters” section for your Product export and click on the “Filter” button.
Choose the “Status” filter and check the “Active” checkbox to export only active products.

2. Export Active Shopify Products Excel XLSX CSV

The export setup should only contain the Products sheet with 4 columns selected for the export and the Status filter applied.
No other options or settings need to be selected or changed.

3. Export Shopify Products final setup bulk hide sold out products

Once the export has been set up, click on the “Export” button at the top or bottom of the New Export page to start the export.

2. Edit the exported Products file

Once the export has finished, you can download the exported file by clicking the “Download Exported File” button.
Open the file and dive into your Shopify Products data.

Based on the “Total Inventory Qty” column in your exported file you can see which Products are out-of-stock and which are not.

4. Exported Active Shopify Products total inventory quantity Excel XLSX CSV Matrixify app

Remove rows of Products with positive inventory quantity

As with this task you only need to hide the sold-out Shopify Products, then we can remove other products from the file.
Removing Products that you do not need to update will ensure that the import job is faster as Matrixify will only update Products that are listed in the file.

The simplest way to remove products with quantity is to enable filter in Excel by going into the “Data” tab and clicking on the Filter button:

5. Enable Excel Filters Shopify Products data export

Notice how a dropdown button now shows on the right side for each column header.
Click on the filter dropdown for the “Total Inventory Qty” column and select 0 thus showing only products with inventory quantity.

6. Apply Export Filter Shopify Products Export XLSX CSV

After filtering out Products with inventory 0, your file will only show rows that have quantity.
You can delete those rows from the file by selecting all the remaining rows, right-clicking, and selecting the Delete Row option to delete them.

7. Select and delete filteres Excel rows XLSX CSV spreadsheet

Once deleted, remove the applied filter and you should see that now your file only has the rows of Products with “Total Inventory Qty” as zero.

8. Edited filtered file Shopify Products Matrixify Excel XLSX CSV

Change “Status” to “Draft” for sold-out Shopify Products

Now that you have a file with only sold-out Products with no inventory, you can change their status in the file.

Locate the “Status” column and in all rows change the value from the exported Active to Draft.

9. Change sold-out Product status to draft in Excel XLSX CSV spreadsheet Shopify

Now that the file has been correctly edited, you can save it on your computer and head back into the Matrixify app.

3. Import the spreadsheet file to bulk update sold out Product status

In the Matrixify app Home page locate the Import section and upload your file in the app.
The app will open a New Import page and analyze the file by reading the contents of your uploaded files.

Once analyzed, if the details about the import file look correct, you can press the “Import” button to start your import.
No options or other settings need to be adjusted.

10. Import Shopify Products bulk hide sold-out Products Excel CSV spreadsheet Matrixify app

While the import is running, you will see that your sold-out Products are being set to Status Draft.
See the updated products in your Shopify Admin -> Products section.

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