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How to Import Shopify Discounts in bulk

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Creating a lot of discounts for your sales is a complicated task. With Matrixify you can create your Shopify Discount codes in bulk by following these simple steps.

The step-by-step process

  1. In your Shopify Admin create a new Discount as a sample that you wish to create in bulk.
  2. Export your Shopify Discount Code using the Matrixify app.
  3. Use those exported Discounts as a template – copy exported discount code in new rows.
  4. Update the Title and Code columns to your new codes.
  5. Update other columns as you need.
  6. Delete the ID column.
  7. Save the file and import with Matrixify.
  8. Enjoy your new Discount Codes.
  9. Bonus: Create many codes for one Discount.

1. Create a sample Shopify discount code

By creating sample discounts in the Shopify Admin we make the whole process a lot easier for ourselves. In the exported file we will be able to easier see what values go into what columns for our selected Discount type.

In this example, we will use the Percentage Discount in our example with as many fields filled as allowed. You can use any other Discount type and field combination.

1 - create discount

2. Export your Shopify Discount

Now head over to Matrixify app in the New Export page select “Matrixify: Excel” file format.
Select “Discounts” checkbox from the “Select Sheets” drop-down.

You can start the export by pressing the “Export” button.

Exporting Discounts

3. Copy exported discount in new rows

We can see the same Discount in Matrixify format in Excel file. The first thing to do now would be to duplicate/copy this discount code multiple times.
In the example, we will make a total 10 Discounts in this example, but you can create as many Discounts as you need.

Before:3.1 - copy rows before

After:3.2 - copy rows after

4. Update Title and Code columns

At the moment the app would see this as one Discount as we do not yet have assigned new codes and titles to each row. For each row to indicate a unique Discount – each row should have its own Title and Code.
These two columns can and should be the same for a single Discount (if you are not creating multiple codes within a single Discount).


update title and code

5. Update other columns that you need

At this point, we can check our file and edit other fields. To see more detailed information about every column in our Discount sheet, head over to our Discounts sheet documentation where you can see every column, possible/allowed values, and their descriptions.

In this example, we will update columns –

  • Command – set to a value NEW to import new Discounts.
  • Discount Value – set to each Discounts value. For percentage Discounts, this would be a percentage. For fixed amount Discounts this would be the discount amount.
  • Minimum Purchase Amount – different minimum purchase amounts for each Discount.
  • Applies To: Collections – Collections Handle of the collection that the Discount applies to.

Remember that you can also adjust other column values as needed for your Discounts, or keep all with the same values to create many Discounts with the same options.

Updated DIsocunt columns

6. Delete the ID column

Last important thing to do is to delete the ID column. As we currently have all the same IDs for these codes, the app will still understand them as the same code and will try to update the code by this ID only.
Luckily we do not need to list the IDs as Matrixify can identify existing Discounts also by their Code column value (just it is a bit slower). An ID is assigned to a new Discount by Shopify when the Discount is created. You need to use the ID when you want to change the “Code” column value for an existing Discount.

So we can just delete this whole ID column for now.Deleted ID column for Discounts

7. Save the file and import via Matrixify

Now we can save this file and import your Discounts into Shopify in bulk, using the Matrixify App. You must also remember to tell the app that you are importing Discounts:

  • If using CSV file then the file name needs to contain the word “Discounts”, for example, “my-shopify-discounts.csv”
  • If using XLSX file then the sheet/tab name in the file needs to be precisely “Discounts”. The file name for the XLSX file does not matter.

Next, locate the Import section in the Matrixify App and drop the file in the file upload area.
The app will analyze the file and count how many Discounts are being imported. If the “Total” shown on the screen does not much the count of Discounts in your file then double-check if IDs are deleted and each row has unique Title and Code values.

Discount Import

Press the Import button to start the import.

Discount Import Finished

If you see any Failed items, then after the import has finished, you can download the Import Results file and look into the Import Comment column. It will tell why the particular Discount has failed. Then you can fix that issue and re-import just those failed and fixed rows again.

8. Enjoy your new imported Discounts

enjoy discount codes

9. Bonus: Create many codes for one Discount

There’s a hidden easter egg in Shopify where you can actually create many codes for one Discount.

That is very useful when you need to have many codes with exactly the same conditions.

To import several discount codes for one Discount, repeat the rows with the same Title, and have different Code column value for each of those rows.

Many codes per discount file

Discount with several Codes will look in Shopify like this:

Many codes per discount imported

Follow this tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to import several codes for one Discount into Shopify.

How many codes can there be for one Discount?

We tested that Shopify allowed us to import over 100 000 Codes for one Discount. At that point, we stopped the experiment, because it seems that there is actually no limit for how many codes you can have for one Discount.over 100k discount codes

What to do next?