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Import Shopify Handles with non-English characters (transliterate)

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You can have English or non-English characters in your URLs (Handles).

However, some stores support some languages but don’t support the others, and some stores don’t support international characters at all.

With Matrixify you have an option to choose whether you wish to import handle with non-English characters or transliterate international characters into similar-sounding text in using just Latin letters.

1. Prepare the file that has handles as international characters

In this example, for simplicity, I will create a Product with just the Title and Handle that uses non-English characters.Shopify file with international characters

The same principle applies for all items that use Handles:

2. Upload the file into Matrixify

In the Matrixify app go to the Import section and upload your file there. Wait for the app to finish analyzing the file.

Check if the Item count in the app matches item count in your file. Products with non english Handles Import

Do not yet press Import, lets first select our preferred options.

3. Select options for your import

Now you can click on the “Options” drop-down in the Import section and checkbox if you wish to transliterate handles to the English alphabet.

Once you have selected your preferred option – press “Import“.

Transliterate Product Handles checkbox

4. Enjoy handles for your imported items

You can see Products handle if you locate this product in your Shopify Admin -> Products. Then scroll down to the section “Search engine listing preview” and click on “Edit website SEO”.

Handle with international characters:Import Shopify international handle

Transliterated handle: Improt shopify translatiterated handles

Example of transliterated handles:

  • Handle “الف ليلة وليلة” will result in the Product URL:
  • Handle “рубашка в клетку” will result in Product URL:
  • Handle “绿色衬衫” will result in Product URL:

What to do next?