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Important changes to Command “UPDATE”


In Matrixify, the “Command” column gives you control over the data items you import.

So far, the “UPDATE” Command created the item if it didn’t exist. But this will change – to make it more consistent with your needs.

We have added the new “MERGE” Command which will update an item if it exists and create new if it does not. In exports, the default Command will be also the “MERGE” (except for Orders where still Command “NEW” will be the default).

The Command “UPDATE” will work as a strict update and will fail if the item does not exist.

If you are using Command “UPDATE” in your automated jobs and wish for new items to be created in the store if they do not exist, then it is important to change your files to use “MERGE” Command for this purpose!

We will have a gradual transition period, during which we will give you a warning if we suspect you might want to use “MERGE” instead of an “UPDATE” Command:

Changes that are already live

  • New Command MERGE for all entities (Products, Customers, Collections, etc,). With MERGE Command you will be able to update the item if it exists and create a new one if it does not.
  • Default exported Command for all entities (except Orders) will be MERGE.
  • New Command IGNORE: set this command to skip that item when importing.
  • New Variant Command UPDATE: will only update the variant if it exists for that Product. If a Variant will not exist, Matrixify will not try to add a new variant but will fail the Product update. To add the variant which is not found, use the Variant Command MERGE.
  • Show warnings for imports – in case the item did import, but there is something you should pay attention to in the Results file.

Changes on January 18, 2021

  • Command UPDATE will be set to work as a strict Command. It will only update the item if it exists but will fail if it does not exist.

We understand that this change will require some adjusting on your side, but also we hope that you see how this change will make all the Commands consistent and more logical.

If you have any questions or issues, please, reach our Support immediately.