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What’s the Shopify maximum import limit? (Updated on 31 Jan, 2019)


With this exercise our goal is to find the Shopify maximum points. (Updated on Dec 15, 2017 with new speed improvements)

We will start with basic thing – by importing 100k Products, and move up from there.

Day 1: 100,000 Products Import

Before we started, it was estimating 2d 7h min to complete, which would be the time of single-stream import.

But we will have 10 streams importing in parallel, so let’s see where this takes us.

Shopify maximum import speed

Few minutes later the estimated time dropped to just 7h 9 min, because all the 10 parallel imports are working like crazy!
We are moving at the speed of 0.264 seconds per Product, which is basically 3.79 Products per second, or 227 Products per minute, or 13k Products per hour.

It’s done! Our Shopify store now has 100’691 Products!

Searching For Maximum - 100'000 - done


What next?

You make a guess! 😉

OK, look! Pressing “Import” button now…

Big Import of Collections, Customers, Discounts - before start

Alright, the weekend has passed, and I admit, we had some bumps – we had wrongly formed Discounts import table which was failing. So we decided to cancel the import, fixed the table, and imported again. We want the “finding maximums” kind of results here.

Here they are:

Shopify import Matrixify Excel CSV XLSXAs you can see, the first kind of maximum is found. That is – we have hit the Shopify limit of 5000 Smart Collections.

Other than that, 10k+ Custom Collections, 100k+ Customers, 20k+ Discounts. Not bad at all, Shopify! Very not bad at all!

How many codes can there be for one Discount?

There’s a hidden easter egg in Shopify where you can actually create many codes for one Discount.

That is very useful when you need to have many codes with exactly the same conditions.

To import several discount codes for one discount, repeat the rows with the same Title, and have different “Code” column value for each of those rows.

Upon releasing this feature in Matrixify we decided to test – how many codes can a single Discount contain. So we created a file with a single Discount that has 1’000’000 Discount Codes.Limit file


We tested that Shopify allowed us to import over 100’000 Codes for one Discount. At that point, we stopped the experiment, because it seems that there is actually no limit for how many codes you can have for one Discount.

Follow this tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to import several codes for one Discount.


What are other Shopify limits?

Here are all the other limits we have discovered in Shopify (updated regularly).