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Change product positions in Automated Collections (Smart Collections)

Shopify Automated Collection with Products for Exporting|Shopify Automated Collection Products with Positions export

You can export and import the Product Positions for Shopify Smart Collections (Automated Collections).

Use that to see which products are located in which Smart Collections, and at what positions. Also you can change the product positions inside the Smart Collections by doing an import.

Export Product Positions for Automated Collections

  1. Go to Matrixify App
  2. Check the checkbox “Smart Collections” and “Linked Products” as the additional data.
  3. Press Export.

In the exported file you should see the following columns::

  • Product: ID
  • Product: Handle
  • Product: Position

Shopify Automated Collection Products with Positions exportThat way you can see which products currently exist for which Automated (Smart) Collections, and what is their position in the collection.

If the position is empty it means that it doesn’t have the “Sort Order” set to “Manual”.

Import Product Positions for Automated Collections

  1. Take the exported file with Smart Collections.
  2. Make sure that the sheet name is “Smart Collections”.
  3. Change the “Product: Position” numbers according to your needs.
  4. Import the file back.

To change just the product positions and nothing else, import only the following columns:

  • ID
  • Handle
  • Product: ID
  • Product: Handle
  • Product: Position

Remember to set the “Sort Order” to “Manual”.

Before importing make sure that you have the sheet name correct so the app understands what you are importing:

  • For the CSV file, the file name needs to contain words “Smart Collections”, for example, “Shopify-smart-collections.csv”
  • For the XLSX file, the sheet/tab name in the file needs to be “Smart Collections”. The file name for XLSX file does not matter as you can have multiple sheets per file.

If the app will not be able to find the products by “Product: ID” it will try to find those by “Product: Handle”.

How to change only some positions?

The same as with other Matrixify imports – if you just need to change some positions of some products, you can import just those product positions with Smart Collections. No need to list all of the products of that collection.

For example, if you need to just move the certain product to the 1st position – import just the row of that one product position for that collection.

Will it sort the products in the collection when copying from one store to another?

Yes, it will.

But sometimes, if it takes longer for Shopify to re-calculate the products for the Smart Collection, the app will not be able to set that sort order – actually, it will complain that there are no such product found in the collection.

If you have such an issue, just count to 5 and import the same Smart Collections file again – if Shopify will have calculated its automated collection, then that import will sort products in it.

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