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Complete existing Shopify Draft Orders in bulk

Complete Shopify Draft Orders in bulk - Featured|1 - Export Shopify Draft Orders|Complete Shopify Draft Orders in bulk - Featured||Delete completed Draft Orders|Delete completed Draft Orders||4.1 - Update Command|4.1 - Update Command|4.2 - Update Complete columns|5 - fill send invoice columns||Complete Draft Orders in bulk|

Complete your Shopify Draft Orders in bulk with the Matrixify app.

In Short

  1. Export Draft Orders you wish to complete using Matrixify app.
  2. Remove the Draft Orders you do not wish to complete.
  3. Delete unnecessary columns, we will only need the following ones:
    • ID
    • Name
    • Command
    • Send Invoice: … columns (optional, if you wish to also send out invoices)
    • Complete
    • Complete: Payment Pending
  4. Update Command, Complete and Complete: Payment Pending columns.
  5. If you wish to also send out an Invoice fill Send Invoice: … columns.
  6. Save the file and import via Matrixify.
  7. Done! Check out your Draft Orders in your Shopify Admin.

1. Export Draft Orders

In the Matrixify App locate Export section and select “Draft Orders” checkbox from the “Select Sheets” drop-down. To complete a Draft Order you only need to select the “Basic Columns” checkbox.Export Draft Orders with Basic Columns

2. Remove the Draft Orders you do not wish to complete

You can check “Status” column to see Draft Orders that are already “completed” and delete those from your file. Also, you may delete from file all the other Draft Orders that you do not wish to complete.

Before:Delete completed Draft Orders

After:Delete completed Draft Orders

3. Delete unnecessary columns

To instruct Shopify to complete your Draft Orders, you do not need to include all the columns in the file. We will only need the following columns:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Command
  • Complete
  • Complete: Payment Pending
  • You may also include Send Invoice: … columns if you wish to send invoices for these Draft Orders.

3 - delete unnecessary columns

4. Update columns to complete your Draft Orders

Now you can start editing your file.

The first thing you would need to update is the “Command” column. Here you would need a value UPDATE to tell the app that you wish to update this Draft Order so we will do this for all Draft Orders in this file.4.1 - Update Command

Then you need to update “Complete” and “Complete: Payment Pending” columns.

  • Complete: set to the value TRUE it tells the Matrixify app to generate the real Order from this Draft.
  • Complete: Payment Pending: If set to TRUE real Order will have Payment Status: Pending. If set to FALSE it will have Payment Status: Paid

4.2 - Update Complete columns

5. Update “Send Invoice: …” columns to send out an invoice (optional)

These columns you only need to include in your file if you wish to send out an invoice for any of your draft orders. For Draft Orders that you do not wish to send invoices, you may leave all these columns blank.

  • Send Invoice –  with value TRUE.
  • Send Invoice: To – Email of the recipient. If a draft order also has the “Customer: Email” column filled then it may be left empty.
  • Send Invoice: From – Sender e-mail address which will show for the customer who received the invoice.
  • Send Invoice: Bcc – (Optional) Additional recipients of the invoice. Their e-mail addresses will not be visible by e-mail receivers.
  • Send Invoice: Subject – (Optional) If left empty, the Shopify will put its own default e-mail subject.
  • Send Invoice: Message – (Optional) If empty, then the default Shopify e-mail message will be used.

5 - fill send invoice columns

6. Save the file and import via Matrixify

Now we can save the file. Go back to the Matrixify app and import the file in the Import section. The app will analyze the file and count how many Draft Orders we are importing.

Press the Import button to start the import.

If you see any Failed items, then after the import has finished, you can download the Import Results file and look into the “Import Comment” column. It will tell why the particular Draft Order has failed. Then you can fix that issue and re-import just those failed and fixed rows again.Draft Order Completion Import

7. Enjoy your completed Draft Orders and created Orders

Completed Draft Orders:Complete Draft Orders in bulk

Created Orders:Create real orders from draft in bulk

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