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Create Smart Collections in bulk by Product Tags

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Smart Collections are collections where products are included according to some condition (rule). Those collections will be updated dynamically as soon as more products appear that match the condition.

You can create Smart Collections and include in those Products by their Tags, or any other Product fields like Vendor, Type, Price, etc.

To include products into Smart Collections by Product Tags with Bulk Import Export Update App. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the Excel file with Smart Collections by Product tag, according to the Matrixify template
  2. Import created Excel file into your Shopify Store.

1. Prepare the Excel file with Smart Collections by Product Tag

Create Smart Collection by Product Tag

Basic fields that need to be filled are Title, Top Row, Must Match, and Rules. In this tutorial, all products that have tag private or business jet will be included in the Smart Collection named Private and Business. So, there will be 2 rules defined – each of them in a separate row.

Decide if you want to include those products that have at least one of the tags (“private” or “business jet”), or the product should have both tags to be included in the Collection. If the value is set to any condition, all products with at least one of two tags will be included. If the value is set to all conditions, only those products that have both tags will be included.

In the Rule: columns I am setting the rules. For Tag property use Equals relation.

Remember to name the sheet as Smart Collections. Save the file.


2. Import created Excel into your Shopify store

Now let’s import this Excel document into the Store with Bulk Import Export Update App.

Import Created Smart Collection by Product Tags


Now you can see created Smart Collection under Products -> Collections.

Smart Collection With 2 Tag Rules

When clicking on the collection, you will see the products that are included.

Products in Smart Collection by Tag


Good to know: