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How to bulk update Shopify Product Status


With Matrixify now you can also bulk update Shopify Product Status quickly and easily!

Product Status field allows for Shopify products to be saved as a draft and continue working on them until they are ready to be published on selected sales channels by setting their status to “Active”.
You can also archive products instead of deleting them to keep your product list organized but still keep all the product information available to you in Admin.

As per Shopify documentation – Product Status field is still in Beta and might not be available for Shopify Plus and other stores yet.

Steps to bulk update Shopify Product Status

  1. Export Shopify Products with Matrixify.
  2. In the exported file, update the “Status” column.
  3. Import your edited file.
  4. Enjoy your updated Products!

1. Export Shopify Products with Matrixify

On the Matrixify app Home page, find the “Export” section and press the “New Export” button.
This will open a new export page where you can configure what data you wish to export.

Select export Format

At the top of the new export page, you can select the format you wish to export to.
We recommend choosing the “Matrixify: Excel” format to export to the Excel file, which is most human-editable.
You can also work with the CSV file. To do this you need to select the “Matrixify: CSV” format.

Select Product columns to Export

After selecting the format you can select what items to export.
Here you would need to select “Products“. Once Products have been selected, you can see that there are many groups of items that can be exported.
In this case, we only need to update the Status column, therefore select the “Basic Columns” checkbox.

Click on the “Basic Columns” drop down and select which columns to export.
To only bulk update Shopify Product status, you need to select the following columns:

  • ID
  • Handle
  • Status

If necessary you can also add other columns to your export, but note that the app will update any field in Shopify from the columns you have in the import file. So make sure that values in the additionally exported columns represent what you want to import. Or you can remove those extra columns completely from the file before importing.

Customise Columns for Exporting Product Status

Apply filters to your Export

In most cases, you would only need to update the Status for some products. In this case, you can use our “Filter” option to only export specific Products.
If you do need to export and update all products, then you do not need to apply any filters.

To apply filters click on the “Filter” button.
Then you can select various filters that you can apply to your export.
For example, if you need to export all Products that are tagged “X-Mas Products” or “Summer Products”, but only those that have “Draft” or “Active” status.

You can also apply and combine any other Product filters for your export.

Filter Products

Start the Export

Once you have constructed the export details, you can click on the “Export” button at the top or bottom of the page to start the actual export.

You will see that the export job will go into an “In Progress” status and the app will show the progress.

The export page or app does not need to stay open while the export is running, so if your export looks like it will take a while, then you can close the app, and the store owner’s email address should by default receive an email when the export job has finished. You can check the email notification settings on the Matrixify app Settings page.

Export for Product Status update

2. Download and edit the exported file

Once your export is finished you can click on the “Download Exported File” button to download your file.

In the file, you should see the columns that you selected to export and only the products that match your applied Filters.

Bulk update Shopify product Status 2.1 - edit the file

Now you can edit the “Status” column in your exported file. The possible values for the Status column are:

  • Active: the product is ready to sell and is available to customers on the online store, sales channels, and apps.
  • Archived: the product is no longer being sold and isn’t available to customers on sales channels and apps.
  • Draft: the product isn’t ready to sell and is unavailable to customers on sales channels and apps.

In this example, let’s change all exported Active Products to “Archived” because you need to hide them from your store. And change Draft Products to “Active”.
Set values you need for each Product like in the following example:

Bulk update Shopify product Status 2.2 - edit the file

3. Import your updated file

Once the Status column values in the Excel file are set as you need, you can save the file and head back into the Matrixify app.

Upload the saved file in the Matrixify app “Import” section.
The app will create a new “job” and start to analyze the uploaded file.

Once the file has been analyzed you will see the “Ready to Import” badge at the top of the page.
You can check that all item counts are correct and start the import by pressing the “Import” button at the top or bottom of the page.

Product Status update Import

As the import is running you will see the progress – how many items the app has updated and estimate when the job will finish.
Same as with export – you do not need to keep the app open and by default should receive an email notification when the job finishes.

Finished Product Status update Import

4. Enjoy your updated Products!

Once the import is completed, you can go to your Shopify Admin and check your updated products!

Bulk update Shopify product Status 4

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