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How to Export and Update Shopify Tracking Numbers for existing Orders in Bulk?

Update Shopify Order Fulfillment Tracking Numbers in Bulk

With Matrixify is it possible to not only create Fulfillments for your Orders but also update existing Fulfillments with Tracking data, such as Tracking Numbers. This tutorial will guide you on how you can do exactly that!

Steps in short to bulk update the Tracking Numbers of existing Shopify Order Fulfillments:

  1. Export the existing Orders with Fulfillments using the Matrixify app – to Excel or CSV file.
  2. Edit the file so that you just keep the columns and rows that you want to update.
  3. Import the edited file with the Matrixify app.

1. Export the existing Orders with Fulfillments

It is first important to Export the Order with its existing Fulfillments so that the app is able to identify the existing Fulfillment to update. Without Exporting the app will not be able to identify the existing fulfillment and the app in turn will try to create a new Fulfilment for the Order. To Export your Orders, you must go to the Matrixify app and select to create a new Export by pressing the “New Export” button. Once on the Export page, you can start setting up your Export. At the top of the page, you can choose which format you would like to Export in. If not Exporting more than the Excel limitations, it is recommended you Export in the Excel format, however, if working with a CSV file is simpler for you, you can also select to Export in the CSV format.

From the “Select Sheets” drop-down, select to Export “Orders”. Once selected, you must then choose to Export “Basic Columns”, “Line Type”, “Fulfillments”. Your Export set up should end up looking something like this:

Export set up to update existing order fulfillments

You can also add filters to the Export to Export only specific Orders if needed.

Once you have set up your Export, you can go ahead and Export.

2. Edit the Exported file

In your Exported file you should only keep the Orders you want to update Tracking Numbers for. The only columns your file should contain are the following columns:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Command
  • Line: Type
  • Fulfillment: ID
  • Fulfillment: … columns

You can remove any other Exported columns from the file. You must then change the values for these remaining columns:

  • Change the “Command” column value to “UPDATE
  • Change the “Fulfillment: Tracking Number” column – fill with your tracking numbers. You also set multiple tracking numbers for the same fulfillment by listing them in the same cell separated by a semi-colon.
  • If you want the customer to receive an e-mail about changed fulfillment, set the “Fulfillment: Send Receipt” value to “TRUE“.
  • Optionally, you can also fill in the other Fulfillment columns.

In addition to only keeping specific columns, you should also only keep the rows where “Line: Type” is “Fulfillment Line” (otherwise the app will ignore the Fulfillment columns if there is no Line: Type). Your file should end up looking something like this:

Updating an Order fulfillment - Tracking Number

3. Import the edited file with the Matrixify app

Once you have edited the file and saved it, you are ready to Import! Take your file and uploaded it to the app in the “Import” section of the apps homepage. The app will analyse and upload the file. Make sure the app has recognised the file as “Orders” and the correct amount of Orders have been recognised before you press the “Import” button:

Order Fulfillment Update

If all looks correct, you can press the “Import” button. The app will then Import your Orders and if the app runs into any errors along the way you will be able to see them once the Import has finished by downloading the “Import Results” file.

Completed Fulfillment Update Import

Your Order Fulfilments will not be updated with their new Tracking Numbers!

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