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How to Export and Update Shopify Tracking Numbers for existing Orders in Bulk?

Update Shopify Order Fulfillment Tracking Numbers in Bulk

To bulk update the Tracking Numbers of existing Shopify Order Fulfillments:

  1. Export the existing Orders with Fulfillments using the Matrixify app – to Excel or CSV file.
  2. Edit the file so that you just keep the columns and rows that you want to update:
    • Keep in that file just the Orders you want to update tracking numbers for.
    • Keep just the following columns:
      • ID
      • Name
      • Command
      • Line: Type
      • Fulfillment: ID
      • Fulfillment: … columns
    • Change the column values:
      • Change “Command” column value to “UPDATE
      • Change the “Fulfillment: Tracking Number” column – fill with your tracking numbers.
      • If you want the customer to receive an e-mail about changed fulfillment, set the “Fulfillment: Send Receipt” value to “TRUE“.
      • Optionally, if you want, you can fill in the other Fulfillment columns.
    • Keep just the rows where “Line: Type” is “Fulfillment Line” (otherwise the app will ignore the Fulfillment columns if there is no Line: Type).
  3. Import that file with the Matrixify app back – it will update your existing orders, and update the Fulfillments of those Orders to set the numbers that you need.

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