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Import Magento Products custom columns as Metafields to Shopify

Migrate-Products-from-Magento-to-Shopify-768x380|Magento to Shopify Product Custom fields Metafields Excel CSV Migrate

When migrating your Magento Products to Shopify you also can migrate all Custom fields for those Products. In Shopify, custom fields are stored as Metafields that you can then display in your store or other ways, more information about tutorials you can find in Shopify Metafields Manual.

To migrate Magento Products you can look into our Magento Products tutorial which will explain how to do exactly that.
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Now – when Matrixify will be converting Magento Products file, it will take all custom fields columns from the Magento file and add them as Metafields to the Matrixify template. When you convert it with Dry Run, you can then review those Metafields, remove those which you don’t need, and import to Shopify with the same Matrixify app.

Magento to Shopify Product Custom fields Metafields Excel CSV Migrate

Wish to know more about editing and working with Shopify Metafields in bulk? Check out our tutorial – How to manage Shopify metafields in bulk.

Have any questions about Magento to Shopify migration? Contact us by any means listed in our “Contact Us” page.