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Export from Shopify to SFTP server directory

Shopify to SFTP

This is how to Export from Shopify to an SFTP server

In the Matrixify app, in the Export section:

  1. Choose what data you want to export with checkboxes.
  2. Apply filters to your export to export specific items if needed.
  3. In the Export Options section elect the scheduling and repeating options if you want to repeat the export automatically.
  4. On the “Upload to:” line, choose the SFTP.
  5. Enter the SFTP link in the following format:
sftp://user:[email protected]:port/path/to/directory/

For example:

sftp://foo:[email protected]:22/test/

Don’t put the file name or file extension in that path – as this is generated automatically.

If you want your file name to be custom, then fill the field “Custom file name:” in the Options section.

Export from Shopify to SFTP - Options

Exporting to

If you do not have your own SFTP server you can always look into services that provide them.
One user-friendly cloud SFTP service you can pair with Matrixify is

1. Register in ExaVault

If you do not yet have an account with them then you can go to their website and register!

1 - register with exavault excelify export shopify csv excel bulk migrate reports


2. In your server, create a directory where to export data (optional)

Log into your ExaVault account and you can see your Home folder.
You can skip this step and upload directly to the Home folder, but you can also create directories where to upload your data.

As an example, I will create the folder “Matrixify Backup Export” on the Home page, then go into that folder and create the “Products” folder there.

2 - create new folder with exavault excelify

3. Get your folders direct link

Once you know where you wish to export your data, you can go into that folder and press the “Add Direct Link” button.
You will need this link to construct the Matrixify SFTP link.

3 - get exavault folder direct link excelify shopify csv excel export backup

A popup will appear, click next to the link to copy it on your keyboard.

3.1 - get exavault folder direct link excelify shopify csv excel export backup

Adding a direct link will make this folder available publically.
Once you have set up your export, you can click on “Edit Direct Link” and there you will be able to remove it, thus making the directory no longer public.

4. Construct SFTP link for Matrixify

Your copied link should something like this, which as you can see is not SFTP link –

The Matrixify link is formatted as per the following template –

sftp://user:[email protected]/path/to/directory/

In the example case, the correct link to use in Matrixify would be –

sftp://user:[email protected]/Excelify%20Backup%20Export/Products

*Replace “user” and “password” with your ExaVault login credentials.

5. Go into the Matrixify app and export your data!

Here you can follow this tutorials first part to set up your export.

4 - export excelify csv excel shopify backup migrate data sftp ftp exavault

Once the data is exported. It will appear in your ExaVault server!

4.1 - export excelify csv excel shopify backup migrate data sftp ftp exavault

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