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Scheduled exports from Shopify to Google Sheets

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Here we will take a look at how to make scheduled exports to Google Sheets from Shopify. You can use this to have always the newest exported information for better and automated report constructing

Steps exporting to Google Sheets

1. Setup export

At the very top of the new export page, you can select the export format. For this task we would need to chose an export format – ‘Matrixify: CSV

Then you can go further and select checkboxes with information that you wish to export to Google Sheets. Here we will use product information, but you can also apply this tutorial for any other export combination.

Export from Matrixify to Google Sheets Export set up

2. Configure export options

Here in the export options we will need to do two things – configure our export to run on specific times and set the custom file name for the export. We will need this to ensure that our exported file link is always the same.

  • Select option Repeat every: 1 hour until cancelled. But you can choose any other time interval for your scheduled export.
  • And we will set Custom File name to – ‘MatrixifyProductsExport’
  • Uncheck – Zip CSV files.
  • Press ‘Export

Export Settings to Export to Google Sheets

3. Copy exported file link and make public downloads available

Head into Matrixify settings in your store and in section “Security” select the checkbox Allow downloading your files by external services.
This is needed so that file can be downloaded from the URL using the link by other services than the user or the store where the file was created and so that you can copy the file link from the app.

Allow downloading files by external services

Go back into your export job and copy the exported files link by clicking the ‘Clipboard‘ by the Exported file name.

Getting Export file url to use for Google Sheets Export

4. Create a new Google Sheets sheet

Head over to and select ‘Blank’ sheet.4 - Create new sheet

5. Use a formula to automatically get data from the exported file

Now we can check the exported files link that we copied.

As you can see there are specific job details at end of the URL, we would need to remove those from the link so that Google Sheets do not download specific job, but always newest file with that name.
So the link would look like this.

Now that we have correct link, we can create formula.
In cell A1 use following formula =IMPORTDATA(). In this formula, you need to paste the link you copied from ‘Download Export File’ button, so it looks something like this –


Import data into Google Sheets from Shopify


Now you have the newest data always at hand and always in the same place. It’s worth noting that Google Sheets will only automatically export IMPORTDATA function every hour so, there is no reason to set your scheduled exports too often.Export from Shopify to Google Sheets

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