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Bulk update Shopify product prices

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Steps to do the bulk price change for Shopify Products:

  1. Export Products to Excel.
  2. Update new Product Prices in the file.
  3. Import Products.
  4. Ways to identify Products and Product Variants fo

1 – Export Products to Excel

Export all products into Excel file with Bulk Import Export Update with Excel app, by marking to export Products and Variants.

Export products with variants

2 – Update new Product Prices in the file

Open this exported file for editing in Excel. You can remove all columns which you don’t want to update. The key is: to have product ID (or Handle), Variant SKU and Variant Price. It is necessary for the App to identify which price belongs to which Variant and Product.

Update Shopify Product Prices by Variant SKU

Change prices of all variants for products as it is needed.

Here is an example of how to decrease all prices by 10%:

  • add a column for new price calculation;
  • use Excel formula: Variant Price * 0.9 in this column and copy it to all cells in this column;
    New price
  • Copy-paste data only yo the Variant Price column from this New Price column. And you can delete this New Price column.
    New prices to import

You can use any other formula or just change prices manually.

Save your file!

3 – Import Products

Import that Excel file back to Shopify with Matrixify (Excelify) app.

Import file with updated prices

Now you can check updated prices in the Shopify admin.


4 – What product identifier to use for Price update?

In the example above we used Handle and Variant SKU combination to identify Product Variant and update the price. This is not the only way you can identify the Product or Product Variant. You also can identify:

By Variant SKU only

If your supplier provides you prices for each SKU number, this is the only thing you need to update them.

Since Shopify doesn’t force the SKU to be unique, the app will update all product variants that match imported SKU numbers.

Minimal required columns:

  • Variant SKU
  • Variant Price

Shopify update price SKU

By Product Handle

If you just have your product Handles, and you have no product variants (meaning each product has one variant), then you can do an update by Product Handle only.

Minimal required columns:
– Handle
– Variant Price

Shopify update price by Handle

By ID and Variant ID

This is the fastest way to update prices – if you have enormous volumes of products to update. That’s because ID is the most precise reference to the item in Shopify.

Minimal required columns:

  • ID
  • Variant ID
  • Variant Price

Shopify update price by ID and Variant ID

By Handle and SKU

Since several products can have the same SKU number, you might want to target your updates of only the SKUs that belong to specific products.

Minimal required columns:

  • Handle
  • Variant SKU
  • Variant Price

Shopify update price by Handle and Variant SKU

By Handle and Barcode

What if you don’t have SKU numbers, but you have the Barcodes? No problem – you can identify product variants by Barcode, too.

Minimal required columns:

  • Handle
  • Variant Barcode
  • Variant Price

Shopify update price by Handle and Variant Barcode

By Handle and Options

This might seem crazy, but you can update prices by variant options. For example, change the prices by a Color or Size, or any other option combinations your products have.

Minimal required columns:

  • Handle
  • Option1 Name
  • Option1 Value
  • Option2 Name
  • Option2 Value
  • Option3 Name
  • Option3 Value
  • Variant Price

Shopify update price by Handle and Variant Options

Good to know!

  • You don’t have to import all columns back – you can keep just those columns in the import Excel file, which you want to update. To update product price, you need to keep the following columns only: “Handle”, “Variant SKU”, “Variant Price”, “Variant Cost”. Handle field will allow to identify the Product, but “Variant SKU” will allow to identify the Variant of the product.
  • You can have other columns in that Excel file for your own need. If those are named in some other names, the Product bulk Update process will ignore them.
  • Essentially, by the same principle you can update any other single field of your Products, Collections or Customers – by having this one column of data only.

Where to go from here?

  1. Install the “Bulk Import Export Update with Excel” app from AppStore and do your Shopify Product price update.
  2. Read the Field Descriptions about the Excel file columns that can be exported and imported to Shopify.
  3. Ask our Support team to help you prepare the import file, report an issue or ask for a new feature you desperately need.
  4. Read the tutorial on how to bulk update Shopify Products SKUs.