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Bulk Unfulfill your Shopify Orders – cancel those Fulfillments


In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to change Orders Fulfillment Status from Fulfilled to Unfulfilled in bulk, which essentially will mean – cancelling the existing fulfilment.

Steps, in short, to cancel a fulfillment

  1. Export Orders with Matrixify.
  2. Edit the Exported file.
  3. Import edited file back into Matrixify.
  4. Enjoy your cancelled fulfillments!

1. Export Orders with Matrixify

First, we must Export Orders with Fulfilment Status – Fulfilled.  To do this you must go to the Matrixify app and select “New Export”. Once you have done this, select to Export “Orders” from the  “Select Sheets” drop down and from there select to Export “Basic Columns” and “Fulfillments”. You can also add any filter we offer that you may need to Export only specific Orders.

Exporting Orders to cancel fulfillments

2. Edit the Exported file

Once the Export has completed, download the Exported file. Remove all columns from the file apart from the following:

  • ID
  • Name
  • Command
  • Line: Type
  • Fulfillment: ID
  • Fulfillment: Status


The only rows you need to keep in your file are the “Fulfillment” rows as these would be the Fulfilments for the Orders you are looking to cancel. Now we can start editing the information in the columns. Change the values for the following columns:

  • ‘Command’ to ‘UPDATE’
  • ‘Fulfillment: Status’ to ‘cancelled’


3. Import the edited file back into Matrixify

Now that the file has been edited, you can go ahead and save it. Take the saved file and drop it into the Matrixify Import section or press the “Add File” button on the apps home page.

The app will upload your file. You must make sure that the app is showing the correct amount of Order to be Imported and has recognised the file you are Importing as well as all of the columns in your Import file. If all looks correct, go ahead and press the “Import” button.

Completed Import to Cancel Order Fulfillments

If there are any errors after Import, you can review them and check what went wrong by downloading the “Import Results” file by pressing the “Download Import Results” button.

4. Enjoy your cancelled fulfillments!

Check the results – all orders that were listed in your file are now marked as Unfulfilled. Meaning, that now your Fulfillments got cancelled!

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