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Schedule import to Shopify from Dropbox

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So you have the file in your Dropbox folder that you edit on your computer. You update it regularly, and you want to import that file to Shopify every day.

This is how you set up that regular daily import automatically.

Steps to import file from Dropbox to Shopify

  1. Save your file to Dropbox.
  2. Copy Dropbox link.
  3. Paste your Dropbox link in the app.
  4. Schedule the regular import from that Dropbox URL.

Now, let’s dig into details of each step.

1. Save your file to Dropbox

Shopify import file saved to DropboxYou know that green checkbox icon which means that the file is synced to Dropbox.

That’s it – just make sure you have enough space on your Dropbox cloud storage, and that the file is really syncing.

2. Copy Dropbox link

If using Dropbox app in your computer

You can copy the file link directly from the folder:

Shopify import from Dropbox - copy dropbox link

If using Dropbox in browser

You will need to copy link from the Share popup.
Using Copy Link button from web might not work in the app.

dropbox copy link from share web Matrixify Excel CSV

In the Share popup press the Copy Link hyperlink:

dropbox copy link from share web Matrixify Excel CSV link

3. Paste your Dropbox link in the app

Open the “Matrixify” app in your Shopify store.

Scroll to the “Import” section and paste that URL there.

Importing file from DropBoxThen press the “Upload from URL” button.

It will upload the file and analyze it for the first time.

Don’t press the import here just yet.

4. Schedule the repeated import Dropbox

Press the “Options” button.

And set up the scheduled time in your Shopify store time zone and repeating intervals.

The configured options should look like this:

Set Import options for DropBox ImportNotice the “Take import file from URL” – it points to your Dropbox file link.

That means the app will download the fresh file from this Dropbox link each time when doing the next scheduled import.

Now, press the “Schedule Import” button.

If the scheduled time will be today and time will be already passed, then the today’s import will start shortly after you will schedule it.

Good to know

  • You can see the progress of all your scheduled imports and exports on the “All Jobs” page located in the left side navigation menu. You can also cancel any of those jobs from there. You can download the import results file from there, too.
  • The scheduled time is in your Shopify store time zone.
  • You can also schedule import files to Shopify store from FTP and Google Drive the same way.
  • You can also import files from Dropbox manually – by just pasting that Dropbox link. That will make your file upload much faster because you will not need to upload the file from your own computer.
  • Import not only Products data – import and update any of supported by Matrixify formats.