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Cloud Storage Integrations

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External storage and cloud platform integrations allow for great flexibility and even more automation for your Shopify import and export jobs.

For some cloud storage we have built-in export or import capabilities, and for others we suggest tested 3rd party services to complete Matrixify integration with them.

FTP/SFTP servers

(Import and Export)

Automate your Shopify data flows through FTP or SFTP servers. Export your data to and import from your own FTP/SFTP server or use services like CouchDrop or ExaVault as an SFTP server host.


Schedule import to Shopify from SFTP server.
Schedule import to Shopify from FTP server.


Export from Shopify to SFTP server directory.
Export from Shopify to FTP server directory.

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Google Drive

(Only Import)

Import data from your Google Drive storage to Shopify.


Schedule import to Shopify from Google Drive.

Google Sheets

(Import and Export)

Integrate Google Sheets with Shopify. Manage your data from anywhere by exporting to and importing from and to your own Google Sheets spreadsheet.


Schedule import to Shopify from Google Sheets.


Scheduled exports from Shopify to Google Sheets.

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(Only Import)

Import data from your Dropbox drive to Shopify.


Schedule import to Shopify from Dropbox.

Import from any public and direct web URL

You can import from any link that is public and directly downloads a file.

You can also list dynamic placeholders in your URLs (including the ones from FTP/SFTP servers).

This is especially useful for scheduled imports so that you can specify what the file name should be imported if your directory contains multiple files that have dates in file names.
In the example above the app will look for the filename – “file_2019-08-20.xlsx

Here is detailed documentation: Using dynamic placeholders in imports and exports.

Have other external locations?

Have a storage location that you need to import from or export to but Matrixify does not support it?
Reach out to our support and let us know! The more people request a feature, the quicker it will get developed!