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Export Line Items Product Data for Shopify Orders and Draft Orders

Shopify Export Orders with LIne Items Product Data|Shopify exported additional product columns for Orders and Draft Orders

When exporting Orders or Draft Orders from Shopify – the Line Items had somewhat limited data about the Products and their Variants.

Now you can add the additional product and variant data for the exported line items.

When you click the checkbox “Line Items Product Data” for the Orders or Draft Orders export, then the export file will contain additional columns.

New Product Data columns

Those columns are:

  • Line: Product Type
  • Line: Product Tags
  • Line: Variant SKU
  • Line: Variant Barcode
  • Line: Variant Weight
  • Line: Variant Weight Unit
  • Line: Variant Inventory Qty

Of course, those columns are only exported and will be ignored when imported.

Note that if you change the data of your Shopify Product, the Order Line items will remain as they were when the order was placed, but the Product Data columns will contain the current product data.

Rows which have Product Data columns filled

In the exported Excel file, those columns will get filled for the following Line Types:

  • Line Item
  • Fulfillment Line
  • Refund Line


Exported columns will look like this:

Shopify exported additional product columns for Orders and Draft Orders

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