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Date filter update for your Matrixify exports


For a while, we have been developing more and more advanced filters for your exports done with the Matrixify app.

Now we have developed new date filters and conditions.

Relative Date filter condition

Relative Date previously has been as separate filter available only for Orders, Draft Orders, and Payouts.
Now all Date filters for all items will have a new filter condition “Relative Date”.

You can set the relative time as “Last x minutes / hours / days / months” for the date filter you have selected.

Note that the current incomplete interval will not be included.

For example, if now is 10:13, putting the Last 1 hours will export date times from 9:00 – 10:00.

Similarly, if now is July 1, 00:01, then the exporting Last 1 months will give you export from June, 1 00:00 till July 1, 00:00.

Updated At and Created At filters

All items, except “Shop” and “Redirects”, will also now have filters “Updated At” and “Created At”.

There are two values that Shopify does not allow to set or edit.

Created At

This field will always represent when the item has been created in the Shopify.

Updated At

This field will represent the date when the item has been last updated in Shopify.
This can be a Product inventory update, changed SKU, Order status change, or any other data update for the item.

Good to know!

  • List of all available filters you can see in our “Export Filters” documentation.
  • The total displayed item count and estimated time before starting export won’t be affected by the filters applied.
  • You combine multiple filters for a single export.
  • Have any questions or features you would like to see? Contact us now!