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Export Shopify Order line item properties

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With the Matrixify app you can export your Shopify Orders and you can also include Line Item properties.

In Short

  1. In the Matrixify app “Export” section select Orders with Line Items checkboxes.
  2. Apply filters if needed.
  3. Press the “Export” button to start the export.
  4. Download the exported file.
  5. Enjoy the file.

1. In the Matrixify app select Orders with Line Items

Start by clicking “New Export” and selecting “Orders” from the “Select Sheets” drop-down. With the Matrixify App, you can export various fields from Orders, but selecting only these checkboxes it will make sure that you don’t include irrelevant information in the export. Exporting Line Item Properties with the Matrixify app

2. Apply filters if needed

With various filters, you can specify Orders that you would like to export. You can also apply multiple filters.

Select order filter:

Filters for Exporting Orders

Apply multiple filters:Many Filters for Orders Export

3. Press the “Export” button to start the exportExport filtered Orders from Shopify

4. Download exported file

Once the export is finished you can press “Download Exported File” to download the file.

Download Exported Orders file from Matrixify

5. Enjoy the file

In the exported file you will have the column “Line: Properties” in this column you will find properties for each line item for your orders. Shopify Order Line item properties export

Note that each Properties cell value can have many lines – each property in its own line.

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