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Ensure that only one Scheduled/Repeated job is running in parallel by postponing others

Shopify export postponed

Shopify API has a speed limit. Running two or more jobs in parallel, makes it work many times slower.

To guarantee the best speeds, now if you have several jobs scheduled to overlap, then they will still get executed in sequential order.

Any overlapping job will get postponed until the previous one is finished.

You will receive an e-mail notification if the job got postponed.

Manual export/import

If your scheduled job is running, you still can initiate the manual export or import at the same time.

Only scheduled and repeated jobs will get postponed.

A scheduled job will get postponed if a manual job is already running until it’s finished.

How cancel any parallel jobs?

To cancel any scheduled/repeated jobs, go to “History & Schedule“. Find that job and press “Cancel” button.