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Release Notes

Excelify Summer in Latvia

On this page, you can see a list of all released changes in the Matrixify app.

To get notified about the changes as soon as they happen, follow Matrixify Slack workspace #whats-new channel.


2021, November


  • Import: Products and all other entities with Handle column: give warning if Shopify transliterated handle from international characters to English characters. This issue:


  • Fix: Export to Google Shopping: was too slow when not including Metafields.


  • Export: Google Shopping: dynamically adding columns of all Metafields in the mm-google-shopping namespace.
  • Migrate Orders from Magento DB: taking Customer: Email, Customer: First Name, Customer: Last Name from order-level email field, and if there is no e-mail, taking them from billing address – to not attach Order to the billing-address customer, if this is a different Customer than the Order E-mail.
  • Export: Orders: Fallback to UTM values from [order.referring_site] if [order.landing_site] has no UTM values.


  • Export Orders: Added Physical Location column, taken from [order.location_id].


  • Import Orders: finding Order by name with two methods – to decide which is more stable (Orders import by Name will be a bit slower for this week).
  • Export & Import Product Standard Type: Product Taxonomy file updated.


  • Import from URL: follow the URL redirects which requires passing cookies from Set-Cookie header.
  • Import from Microsoft SharePoint URL https://* – be able to download the file from it.


  • Fix: Import Products: was failing with [Metafield: Type cannot be blank] when adding Variants with Metafields.
  • Import Orders: when searching by Name – if there are more than one Order found, then fail.


  • Fix: FTP – was not able to connect to server that returns error 502 for MLST/MLSD commands.


  • Fix: Import Metafields: no implicit conversion of Symbol into Integer.
  • Giving warning after analyzing the file if there are Handles which contain non-English characters, which might get transliterated. You can switch off the transliteration in the Import Options – scroll down on the same page. Also, improved color-coding for errors and warnings, and showing separately for each sheet.


  • UI: Export: When selecting columns, do not automatically add any related columns – show them as suggested columns which you can accept.


  • Fix: Import: Metafields: Properly validating multiline json string Metafields.
  • Security: enabled Permissions Policy for web browsers – to assure you that we will never request access to any peripherals or services like your GPS coordinates, speakers, etc. The only allowed browser permissions we keep is access to clipboard – to allow you copy/paste in the app.
  • Import: should not assume as Files sheet if the file/sheet name contains [file] word (singular).


  • Export: Option to add apostrophe 'prefixes to values.
  • Import: Option to remove apostrophe ' prefixes from values.



  • Fix: Import: DraftOrders: should not index Draft Orders if the duplicate check is disabled (even if Name column is present in the file).
  • Fix: Import Customers: set Address: Province when replacing the address, and not providing the Address: Province Code.
  • Fix: Export Products: Standard Product Type was failing because Shopify changed their API. Please, restart any exports where you need Standard Product Type that have failed.
  • Fix: Export: stop exporting when the plan limit is reached, instead of iterating through all items.


  • Export & Import: Files (those in Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Files). Read documentation.
  • Import Orders: when searching by Name, try searching multiple times. Will make Orders import a bit slower, but a bit more reliable – to avoid duplicates.

2021, October


  • Import & Export Products: Standard Type columns – Type: Standard IDType: Standard Name and Type: Standard.


  • Import Orders from WooCommerce: add Fee lines as Line Items.


  • Fix: Import Products from Magento: Metafield columns got duplicated if the same fields were as custom columns and in additional attributes column.
  • Fix: Import Products from Magento: should not generate Redirects for Products that don’t have a Handle.


  • Import: Orders: import tax from Order-level Tax columns if there are no Line Item Tax values, and auto-distribute the Tax across taxable line items.
  • Import Orders from WooCommerce: added Order-level Tax.


  • Fix: SFTP: retry on a timeout of [execution expired] when determining an entry type (e.g. on CouchDrop SFTP).


  • FTP: retry to download or upload a file when getting EOFError – end of file reached.


  • Fix: Export & Import: e-mails about the started job were not sent.
  • Fix: Export to UPS WorldShip: we did not include <VendorCollectIDNumberExempt> element in some cases when it was needed.
  • Fix: FTP: improved work with FTP server types that don’t support MLST/MLSD.
  • UI: Settings for Servers: tell that SFTP private key should be generated without a passphrase.


  • Fix: FTP – could not connect to a certain FTP server type – saying [500 'FEAT': command unrecognized].


  • We made a change that makes the connection to Shopify API faster and more stable, so jobs should be running slightly faster, and be less “stuck” than before.


  • Fix: UI: Export options time format dropdown was disabled for CSV if it was set to Excel friendly in Excel format.
  • Fix: Export Products: plan limit was reached too soon when filtering by Metafields.
  • Export to UPS WorldShip: Added <VendorCollectIDNumberExempt>=Y to <ShipmentInformation> to comply with new EU VAT regulation – for shipments to EU, GB, NO.
    To include the IOSS number in the XML file, please, sent it to our Support.


  • Import: Orders: Importing Email and Phone columns on Order level. Improved customer attach/detach logic for the Order.
  • FTP: improved work with different FTP server types, e.g.